What does the future hold?

Flower Fam
2 min readJul 6, 2022

A lot has been happening in the last days.

Let’s zoom out.

Flower Fam is 5 weeks old.

I won’t go into all the record that we’ve been breaking, since that gets boring. In a nutshell: we’re absolutely crushing it.

So with all the backwind and previous success, where does the future lead to?

Let’s look at the next month.

🎨 RE-GENERATION OF GARDENS (and maybe other NFTs)

The Gods only have one weakness. Offer them a sacrifice of $honeycoin, and will change the elements and species of your Gardens.

Why? Nice burn. Social Status. Fun in-game element.

WEN? This week or early next week.


Join the dark side of the Oasis… Use $honeycoin to bet on outcomes. Play roulette. Connect with other Flowers. Join real-time raffles. Even if you might not see it yet… This will change A LOT about $honeycoin.

Why? Players play. Big Big Burn. Total game-changer for in-flow and out-flow.

WEN? End of next week.


The Oasis also gives home to un-invited guests… Insects roam around the Oasis and might harm the $honeycoin yield of Flowers, or Lands that are not protected… How do you protect yourself? Gardens and special pest insurances that you can acquire at Bob’s.

Why? Controlling in-ecoystem circulation. Risk-reward. In combination with big-burning rates a total game-changer.

WEN? 2 Weeks.

Besides all of these big implementations we will push a WL Marketplace, access to web3 tools, , Daily Raffles, Mobile Oasis, Changing Elements for Bees, New Gens and Flowers.

Why the Burn? The more we burn. The more you win. Each and every one of you. If you’re here to play long-term games, burn it all and collect a big pay-check in 2–3 months down the road.

You want the token to go up? Burn. You want the FP to rise? Burn. You want your bees to be more valuable? Burn.

If we on top manage and control internal circulation, we will take off to the moon.

That’s a decision that each and every one of you has to take? Short term or long term? In any case, with the above mentioned implementations, we will burn and control big time. Now you only have to decide if you want to be one of the winners in 2 months down the road.

Your call.

For now. Garden Blessings, if done right. Offer highly attractive returns that you compound on in the coming stages.

For now. Think ahead. Make it burn. And take care of the Flower Members around you.

The winners of the bull-run are made today.




Flower Fam

6969 Flowers spreading peace and prosperity across the NFT space.