We’ve been worrying about Bob…

Flower Fam
2 min readMay 31, 2022

In the last few days, he became very secretive about Oasis 2.0.

He was late to Greenhouse meetings.

He was wearing different clothes than usual.

A different hat.

Even a different jumpsuit.

And he started avoiding all the questions that we brought his way.

“What is Oasis 2.0?”

“Where is it? What is it about?”

He gave us weird answers that he wants to explore the Oasis, travel around a bit more, and open up a new shop somewhere else…

And even if Bob can be a bit mysterious sometimes, this was very concerning to us.

“There is so much space”, he said. “We have to use it”

“You have to think bigger! One Farmers Market, Pfff… “

We all replied, “Ok Bob, you did so incredibly well over the weekend. All seeds are sold. And the Oasis is filled with tons of mighty Bees. Just do your thing and explore new territory.”

Before he left he gave us some hints….

He told us what his new shop won’t contain.

It won’t be:

- A Whitelist Marketplace
- An Airdrop
- Some new Metaverse

Now I will tell you what it will do to our ecosystem

- A lot of new eyes
- A new way to expand your reach in the Oasis
- New Ways to Stake your Flower
- New Tokenomics

Bob has been very careful with the things he’s revealing.

And there is one more thing that some of you will probably be very happy about…

In his new shop. Whatever you will pay for, you will get.

No 50/50 or 80/20 chances.

Good honest work.

Most of us are still in the dark about what he’s about to do.

The only thing we know is that it will change the way we see the Oasis forever.

And of course, his old shop will stay open forever.

Until all seeds, bees and potions are sold.

Stay tuned for more announcements tomorrow.

Oasis 2.0 is under full construction.

Ready for the next chapter?




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