Visiting the Oasis Bank

Flower Fam
4 min readApr 25, 2022

Life was almost perfect.

The sunsets were as beautiful as ever.

Our young flower had a happy bee in his garden and his seeds were slowly growing into full bloom.

There was just one thing missing…

Some extra honey to feed his bees for the week.

So the day had finally come…

It was time for our young flower to visit the Oasis Bank.

The Bank was a special place… Hidden behind strong walls of stone and thick wooden doors. It was run by the most diligent and careful flowers of the Oasis.

Every time a flower wanted to get a fair share of honey, they paid a visit to the Bank.

So off the flower went.

From far away he could make out the outline of the bank. It was the most majestic building he had seen so far in the Oasis.

This place was very different from the Farmer’s Market too.

The atmosphere around the Oasis Bank was calm and controlled. Things were in order and everything was neatly arranged.

There was no room for error.

Once inside, the young flower kept walking and wandering around, looking up at the ceiling, admiring the architecture… when he heard…

“STOP!”, a voice yelled from the background.

The flower looked down in shock. He nearly walked into a big honeypot near the end of the room.

The voice was coming from his old friend, the Pioneer flower again.

“Thank you for the warning…. Hehe…”

“You must be new here. Always keep your eyes open! Anyhow, would you like me to give you a tour?”

“I would love to… Hope I won’t trip over anything lolz”

And with that, the tour began…

“What you just almost tripped over is one of the many honey pots used to transfer honey in the Bank. This one goes to the prize pool. Follow me!”

The Pioneer flower walked through a door and into a huge room with a giant honey pot.

“This is the big one. Where all flowers can get their fair share from. Bet this is what you came here for.”

The flower was nodding along, completely in awe of all the honey in front of him.

“Now, on your right those giant screens with all the names? They’re our leaderboards. There’s two of them. One shows you the flowers that produce the most honey. The other is the leaderboard of our Weekly Harvest Winners.”

“Amazing!” the flower exclaimed.

“Go ahead, try and find yourself.”

The young flower walked up to the screen then scrolled and scrolled. He had no idea when his name would pop up.

“Here, let me try this.”

The Pioneer pressed a few buttons and soon our young flower’s profile came up with a number…


“Not too bad for a rookie.”

Soon, a busy-looking flower approached them with a small honeypot.

“This one’s for you. Welcome to the Oasis. I’m a big fan of what you’ve done with your garden so far. You’re really adding some good vibes to our community.”

The busy flower handed over the honeypot and he was already gone.

“Wow! What was that about?” — asked the young flower.

“One of the many assistants who work here. They give you the prizes, your weekly honey gains and they run the burner too.” — the Pioneer flower explained.

“The burner?”

“Yep. That’s where I wanna take you next. Follow me.”

The flowers made their way into the back of the Bank. There was a huge honey pot in the middle of this room. Even bigger than the last one.

Flowers kept pouring honey in it, but it never seemed to fill up.

Soon, an alarm bell went off. The flowers stood back.

Flames then engulfed the pot from the bottom. In a matter of seconds the pot was empty again. All the honey disappeared into fumes.

“The burner… This is where all the excess honey goes so it can never be used again.”

To the uninitiated, this might look like a waste of resources. But it’s far from it! Actually, the burner is what keeps our economy thriving and alive.” — the Pioneer explained.

Because when the Oasis thrives, they produce more honey than the flowers need. So instead of releasing it all into the economy and devaluing honey, they burn it and use the fumes.

The bank is responsible for making sure that the honey circulation stays stable and healthy. They don’t want to have flowers and bees bathing in honey in one month and starving for it in the next.

That’s why they use the burner. Here 85% of all the used honey is disappears, 10% stays in the bank for liquidity and 5% is used as sacrifices for the creators of the Oasis

See, the happy little bees LOVE the honey fumes. It makes them more productive. And the Oasis ground also reaps massive benefits from this. As the fumes released into the air also fuel the ground.

The result is a thriving economy and a honey supply that can keep growing in a sustainable way, without flowers having to fear running out of honey.

A thriving economy that lets our young flower walk back home with his fair share of honey… So he can now feed his bees, keep growing his garden and soon, gets to visit the bank once again for more honey. Week after week… month after month.

And year after year…

The Oasis keeps on growing.




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