The Road Ahead

Flower Fam
3 min readJul 28, 2022

Flower Fam is now two months old.

Flowers, Gardens, Lands, Mighty Bees. An ecosystem that doesn’t stop growing.

In the last 2 weeks we published a WL Marketplace that is enjoying huge popularity and an arcade that is despite a small entry gas fee soaking up hundreds of thousands of honeycoin (280.000 to be exact…).

Quite a ride it has been so far… Hasn’t it?

A lot has been happening. A lot has been produced. A lot has been created.

So… how does the future for Flower Fam and what can you expect in the weeks to come?

Let’s talk short-term first.

1–2 Weeks. What is coming?

In the background we’re finalising the following things.

  • Ticket system for arcade (less gas)
  • Land Feeding (small boost for your lands to keep yielding)

+ 1 Arcade Game / Flip the $honeycoin

  • A funky new utility for Bees
  • Mobile Access to some (if not all) parts of the Oasis
  • A very interesting new element on the Farmers Market…

Hmmm… What that might be? Did the Gods already leak something to you?

A new element that you can buy from your good ol’ chap Bob. With your beloved $honeycoin. I don’t want to give away too much. One thing I can hint for… Your Flowers and your Gardens will like it… :eyes:

Now let’s talk Macro.

Flower Fam. 2 Months. Ecosystem. $honeycoin.

Current strategic focus of Flower Fam is 1) creating and shaping a bulletproof community 2) shaping FF into an NFT ecosystem brand.

Let’s talk community first.

I looked at some stats this morning. Across all our collections, we have 4.7% Listed. (Gardens are outliers with a higher %).


2% of our Flowers…

If there’s one thing that is going to carry us safely into the next bull-run it’s the people that work on this. In the next days and weeks, we will focus on events, fun activities, creative elements, giving all of you the room to connect on a deeper level and returning to the happy flower vibes that we enjoyed in the beginning of our journey.

Second. Flower Fam and NFT ecosystem brand. If there’s one thing that is written in bold all over the Oasis, it’s utility and innovation. FF, even though we’ve enjoyed vast popularity in the space in the last weeks. It’s not what we deserve. We’re pushing crazy things here, and we need to push ourselves into the spotlight.

So how do we do this?

1- Strategic Parntnerships / Integrations / Collaborations with other projects and brands that align with our values and mission.

2- Overdeliver on utility for $honeycoin. Tools, Raffles, Integrations, ecosystem extensions.

You think this can get us to 1% listed… ?

My current view on the ecosystem is the following. We’ve built something truly unique here. In a speed that has been hard to match. There are some things that from an economic point of view don’t add up as much as they should. And some things should and can be changed. That’s what we will do.

Flower Fam has been growing and shrinking in stages. One seed grows, one is blown away. If there’s one thing that is not going to change it’s us pushing behind the scenes for things that bring all of us joy.

It feels like a good time to say, It’s Day 1 again.

I’ve been meeting and talking a lot with development team this week and putting myself more in a product lead position with our oasis devs. The things we have coming will be a lot of fun.

For all the ones that have been here since Day 1 and all the ones that only joined us recently.

Tomorrow we will publish the SuperSea access tool (100x), more exciting WL spots, more alpha calls from Corgil and good vibes in the Oasis.

Petal to the Metal.




Flower Fam

6969 Flowers spreading peace and prosperity across the NFT space.