The First Visit To The Greenhouse

Flower Fam
3 min readMay 4, 2022

After having spent the first weeks in the Oasis, the young flower became a well-known inhabitant.

No matter where he went, flowers greeted him left and right.

His garden was in full bloom and two young bees were happily charming the new generation of flowers that he had planted recently from the earnings of the Weekly Harvest.

All of this earned him an important seat in the Flower Fam Greenhouse.

A place in which all Flowers from all places of the Oasis come together and vote on important topics of the Oasis.

And there was an urgent matter the flowers of the Oasis needed to discuss and vote on.

So we’re visiting the Greenhouse next…

The Greenhouse is the centerpiece of the Oasis.

It’s where all flowers gather to vote on the future of their home. Each flower gets a vote. But not all votes are equal. The more flowers, bees or new generation flowers belonged to one garden, the higher the impact on the final decision.

And the responsibility was no small one. The future of the Oasis was in the hands of all the Flowers together.

But even though the stakes and responsibilities were high. All decisions were made as a collective.

The Greenhouse building amplified this sense of responsibility. It was a monumental glass building right in the middle of the Oasis, surrounded by trees and honeypots.

There was nothing else like it.

As flowers entered the Greenhouse, they knew they were about to be part of a shared history.

And this gave every flower a deep sense of peace. As every habitant of the Oasis had a say in what their DAO will do. And with this level of control over their future, there was nothing they couldn’t achieve together.

Walking in the great glass hall, the young flower looked for his seat.

Everywhere he looked, he saw other flowers sharing their ideas and discussing plans to keep the honey flowing in the Oasis. There were no yelling or heated arguments.

Flowers were respectful to each other and voiced their opinions in a calm, orderly manner.

Every decision that was taken was in line with the vision of the Oasis to spread peace and prosperity across the NFT space.

So there was no reason to disrupt the peace.

As the young flower found his seat at the sturdy wooden tables, a Pioneer Flower started talking in the middle of the spacious building.

“Ahem… Welcome to our 420th Greenhouse meeting. We’re about to begin!”

As soon as the Pioneer flower started talking, suddenly there was quiet in the Greenhouse.

“As always, we will start by letting your voices get heard. Who’s got ideas they wanna put on the vote at today’s Greenhouse Meeting?”, the Pioneer continued.

There was whispering among the flowers again.

Bit by bit flowers stood up and mentioned ideas they would like to vote on. All the flowers listened peacefully and voted together.

Some ideas got approved and redirected to the creators to implement them shortly.

A wonderful thing about the Oasis was that changes, whether big or small, were implemented timely and sometimes the flower would wake up to a new building or event in the Oasis that was only agreed on in yesterday’s meeting.

And just like that, the young flower was now part of making history in the Oasis.

Much like you or any other Flower Fam member can soon be.




Flower Fam

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