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3 min readJun 26, 2022

Something we’ve been teasing you for the last days…

Besides the free claim for anyone that is staking for 7 Days, we will also auction away a part of the Garden Collection to the public.


We want to grow Flower Fam beyond its borders and lower the entry barriers for newcomers.

More members = higher demand for Flowers = more demand for $honeycoin

Remember that you will need one Flower to pair with your Garden for it to work, so this will automatically increase the demand for Flowers as well.

With 1% Listed of the main collection and 2 New Gen Flowers listed, what do you think will happen…?

⚖️ First of all, why don’t people like auctions?

  • High entry prices
  • Sucking liquidity out of the market
  • Not community orientated

💛 So why have we decided to auction some of our Gardens away?

  • The cheapest auction you will ever be a part of
  • Low gas prices
  • Equal access for outsiders and insiders
  • You decide your entry point

☑️ After a long back and forth with the development team, we’ve decided that we will mint on ETH instead of $honeycoin.

Why ETH? Pulling off a successful and issue-free mint on $honeycoin is something that is both from a development and operations perspective very difficult. Swapping issues, balance problems, depositing bugs, plus considering the necessary onboarding experience for all new buyers. We want to provide a very smooth start to the next chapter. No Flower left behind. From an ecosystem health perspective, Oasis Gardens will burn and soak up A LOT of $honeycoin, so don’t worry about that one.

🌍 Here’s how it will play out.

  • Start 0.15 ETH
  • End 0.05 ETH
  • 0.01 drop every 20 minutes
  • Approx 3.000 NFTs
  • 5 NFTs per wallet

If supply is not sold out during the auction, the remaining supply is for sale at 0.05 for 24h. Any remaining supply is burnt forever.

🍯 What happens to mint proceedings?

  • Hiring and retaining talent
  • Adding to Liqudity Pool
  • Funding Community-Driven Initiatives
  • Expanding the Flower Fam Ecosystem
  • Building more dope sh*t

In the background, we’ve been sneaking our GitBook to previous partners and trusted alpha groups and they are very excited to become a part of this.

Why 0.15?

If adjusted on current eth price it’s the same as our 0.069 mint price. This means that in any case you will mint Gardens for less than the OG collection. While the main collection is 5x since mint…

On top of that, let’s see what it will do to the demand for Flowers… Remember? For your Garden to generate $honeycoin, you need at least 1 New Generation or 1 OG Flower. 1 + 1 = ?

A little Game of Chess and the core collection will win again…

So this auction will not only bring new Flowers and traction to the project but also make Flowers and New Gens in high demand. On top of this, you will have a lot of new members entering that 1) do not own $honeycoin, but 2) need $honeycoin to grow and expand in the ecosystem. Hm… I guess all of you compounding $honeycoin will pay off big time as we promised.

The Gardens will be auctioned away unrevealed. The reveal is together with the claim on Thursday evening. The full ecosystem add-on and UI will be live together with the claim as well. We don’t want to rush this beautiful piece of art over the finish line.

Daily Yields, Boosting + Pairing Mechanisms, Weekly Harvest Games, Changing of Elements, Secret Gardeners Club… The list goes on and on…

Do you feel this momentum? This will be fun.

Power to the Flowers.




Flower Fam

6969 Flowers spreading peace and prosperity across the NFT space.