Introducing Flower Fam NFT

Flower Fam
2 min readMar 14, 2022


We are all about spreading peace and prosperity throughout the NFT space.

How? Let us explain…

We do this with the help of our unique ecosystem, the Oasis.

Here you can connect with like-minded people, have a good time, and relax while your flowers earn $honey or participate in the weekly harvest games.

Lol, what? Weekly Harvest Games?

Sounds fun, right?

Trust me, you will love it.

Every week, flowers come together and organize a weekly harvest in which they have a chance to win 60% of the royalties on secondary sales.

It’s quite simple: Every flower has a 10% chance to win. The rarer the species of your flower, the more you can take home.

Besides the weekly harvest, flowers can make $honey through a lot of other fun activities in the Oasis. But more about that later on, we want to keep it simple for today. :)

Once you start making $honey, you are confronted with an ethical dilemma…

Make more $honey, grow your garden, and explore the furthest corners of the Oasis?

Or trade it back and support other projects in the vast NFT universe?

The choice is all yours.

We give the power back in your hands.

We want to grow the space together with you.

This will not only give you the possibility to support projects that you deeply care about, but it will indirectly pave the road for the many projects that are coming after us.

By the way, all of this is live on the mint date.

We don’t believe in the classic way of doing roadmaps. Instead, we focus on creating something that truly adds value and offers utility right from the start.

That’s it for today.

Cya on Twitter, a lot is coming this week.

Power to the flowers. 🌻



Flower Fam

6969 Flowers spreading peace and prosperity across the NFT space.