Future Outlook on the Oasis

Flower Fam
3 min readJul 11, 2022


1.7% Listed.

Leading for 5 weeks in the Token Yield Rankings.

So what now?

The focus of the current period is called “making it burn”, re-generation of garden elements, arcade games, WL marketplace, raffles, new seeds incoming, pest insurance.

Flower Fam has experienced incredibly sustainable growth in the last 5 weeks. No pumps that were too high, no dumps that we didn’t recover from.

Ups and Downs in Crypto and NFTs are part of the game. This is where winners are made, this is where communities get stronger. We’ve been through this many times before. Prices drop, new members join and the community gets tighter. This is good, and every time we go through this, the ones that can think long-term, stay, the ones that panic, leave.

In P2E there’s no free lunch. Tokens depend on a variety of things. External Market sentiment, internal burning rates, and in- or outflow of the liquidity pool. This comes together with making difficult decisions and being able to see the long-term play of what we’re doing here.

Building an ecosystem comes hand-in-hand with being adaptive. Looking at the current development of your metric, twisting some things, and adapting to how the market/community reacts to certain implementations.

Flower Fam is built by each and every one of us. We suggest things, vote on them, and then implement them. This will stay the same in the future.

We’ve been leading the token chart for 5 weeks and if you look at the others on the chart, we’re not the only ones going through an adjustment period. This is good and it also serves as a good lesson for the whole project to experience moments like this.

How can you make $honeycoin go up? In simple tokenomics, this is how it plays out.

🔥 Burn more than you create

🚀 Reduce internal circulation

Right now there’s a lot of $honeycoin flying around, and even if there’s a lot of burning going on, market conditions or sentiment switching to more stable investments leads to more cashing out than usual.

First. How do we make it burn?

Re-generation of gardens, WL marketplace, Farmers Market, Raffles,… Will do the first step in the heavy lifting.

Second. Reduce internal circulation.

Pest insurance, land boosting / feeding or changes or changes in the current yield or staking structure of flowers / gardens / lands.

This would be a community decision. Reducing staking capabilities is an industry-norm in P2E games or staking protocols, it usually happens every 2–3 months. We won’t implement this without a vote.

Moments like these are called halving-moments, in which APYs or APRs get reduced to make sure that the ecosystem thrives no matter the market conditions.

If there is a change in staking rewards, it would be on the whole collection (gardens, flowers, lands, alike). We received many comments to implement this yesterday in the chat to vote on this, but I urge you to talk to your fellow flowers, discuss implementations and then we can vote on it.

We’re just gettings started. There is no other project that is building as fast and quick as we are.

$honeycoin is built for the ecosystem. We’re in the process of closing a deal for node-access this week as well. More alpha coming about this soon…

The team is hungry and we can’t wait it to the next level.

Petal to the Metal.




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