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2 min readJun 29, 2022

First of all. 12 Minute Soldout. 3.000 NFTs…

This article can be summarised by “IYKYK”.

We’ve received comments on the FP and the volume of the Gardens in the last 24 hours.

And basically they all don’t matter. Why? Because most minters don’t realise the potential of what they’re holding.

What happened with Flowers (0.069 mint to 0.5 all-time-high), will happen to Gardens as well.

Why? Gardens come in 4 different species. Ranging from 4 $honyecoin to 15 $honeycoin per day. Unlike other collections that depend on the rarity of your NFT, your Gardens will fall into 4 different species.

The rarer the species, the higher the real-life $honeycoin value. Remember the Pioneers that are sold for up to 3ETH in our main collection? You might be holding one of them. And what happened with Flowers in the beginning, where minters flipped Pioneers and missed out on a 2.9ETH profit will happen again.

Flower Fam plays by its own rules. And it’s worth investigating how you can win. Don’t be the one that will say in 2 weeks “I was the one that was holding a Mystic Babylon” and flipped for 0.15. You can. And our Core Community will be nothing but forever thankful.

On Friday, the pairing/staking/boosting feature for all Gardens will be revealed in the Oasis together with the reveal of the collection.

By the way another thing. Some holders worry about a dump of Gardens on OpenSea after the free airdrop. Unlikely.

Why? Because if you as a Flower Holder to the math, there is no valid reason to flip instead of stake. None. Daily $honeycoin yields, pest insurance, weekly harvest games. Gardens are here for the long-run and will play a fundamental part in our ecosystem.

If you can see the long-term vision of how your Gardens play together in all of this, then you will be rewarded in the future. If not, you might be the one complaining to have flipped a rare species early on. Both fine. The core community and Flower Fam win in both scenarios.

We have incredible things coming up for Oasis Garden NFTs. Changing Elements, blessings, risk-and-reward mechanisms, and attractive $honeycoin yields and a LOT of burning in our ecosystem.

Take a moment to dive in and see how it all plays together. You will realize that you are holding something that is much more special at first sight than it seems.

See you in the Oasis.




Flower Fam

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