A sacrifice can change everything…

Flower Fam
2 min readJun 29, 2022
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The gods are mighty, powerful, and incorruptible, but they have one weakness.You guessed it right… Honey.

One can win their favor with a sacrifice of $honeycoin. In return, they can influence the shape and form of your Gardens with their power.

A bit of $honeycoin, and the gods wave their magic hands and after you opened your eyes you will see that your Garden has changed.

Wow! A new statue? A new background? What is this cute worm doing there?

Only the Gods will be able to influence the luck of your elements.

Previously this was estimated to be live 7–10 days after the claim, but we have been pushing development behind the scenes and estimate to have it all ready by the middle of next week.

We will start with mixing the elements in the same species. New statues, incredible rainbows, and details you haven’t seen before.

You can buy a ticket, which will trigger a process that will generate a new Garden right in front of your eyes. Wow!

Once this is done, you can head over to OpenSea, refresh the MetaData of your Garden, and ta-daa. New Garden. Cool, right? We’re not messing around…

Farmers Market, Lands, Blessings and now sacrificing.

Once this is live, we will push a second feature where you can sacrifice a ticket to the gods and you might get a higher (or lower) species. Everything is possible with the power of honey…

**This will not only help us to burn A LOT of $honeycoin, but adds a lot of new fun utility to our beloved token and fun for also non-flower holders.** Even though the reveal on Thursday / Friday (depending on timezone) will be outstanding, it’s a fun way to use some of that $honeycoin you have been sparing up.

Get ready for Stage 3. Care for you Flowers. Set your timer for tomorrow’s or Friday’s claim (depending on timezone) and let’s pump it.

Fun times ahead.




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